Metolius River report 4/21/17

Deep Nymph presentations have been producing the most trout. We’ve been using Golden Stone Nymphs and 2 Bit Hookers, Zebra Midges, Soft Hackles and Small Jig Flies.

Dry Fly action happens, but maybe not everyday. We are seeing BWO’s and Cinygmulas. maybe because the water is still a little high, but a lot of the days the hatches get ignored.
There are still quite a few October Caddis around. Pupa patterns are good for sure. Sometimes a big Orange Elk Hair Caddis or a smaller Clarks Stone will bring a curious Rainbow up with a good smack to these dries.
There are some smaller spring caddis too. Ideally fish a Sparkle Pupa. In fact, late afternoon on a dead drift or swing is good this time of year, but look for fish on top with an Iris Caddis or CDC Caddis. You usually can tell its a caddis rise when it is sporadic and a little more splashy (compared to a mayfly).

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