Cascade Lakes fishing report 5/3/17

Crane Prairie. Fishing is good on Leeches and Black and Red Chironomids. The Deschutes Channel seems to be the most productive area. I ‘ve been up there fishing a couple of days this week and there is a midge hatch that is deserving of a National Geographic special. If you go, be prepared with a bug net or at least a hat and a Buff to keep them from going up your nose, or in your ears and mouth. The fish don’t seem to be eating them, at least on the surface, and a size 28 pupa is hard to come by. It is the hatch of the century. I’ve never seen so many midges and it borders on gross and certainly annoying. Not sure how long something like this lasts, but usually these phenomenon’s don’t go too long. Thank god. It’s been 7 or 8 days already.

Wickiup. Fishing is good with small streamers, leeches and damsel nymphs. The areas of Sheep’s Bridge, the Davis Arm and the reeds between the Dam and the Gull Point Launch has been good. Kokanee anglers are reporting good catches on Lures in open water and very near the surface.

Davis Lake. Davis is good with the first few Bass showing up, and some decent Rainbows on Leeches. I’ve heard just a few snippets on Davis but have seen a few photos of nice trout on social media in the last couple of weeks.

3 Creeks is still iced over and won’t be accessible until Mid June at the earliest.

East and Paulina are iced over still as of my fly over this morning. Road crews are working to clear the road and looks they made great progress so if the lakes ice out May 22nd is when the gate opens. Cross your fingers.

Lava is still iced over today. I flew over it this AM and the ice looked like it was going very fast. Little Lava was ice free. The gate at Deschutes Crossing is still locked so no access, plus there was a fair bit of snow around the lakes and side roads, although the Cascade Lakes Hwy looks all clear from the air.

Same story at Hosmer. It was free of ice in the Channels but the lower lake was still solid white. The road is closed in there still.

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