Metolius River fishing report 5/3/17

The water remains a bit high for this time of year but fish are in most of the usual spots, especially eddies and pools. We’ve caught most of our fish on Golden Stone nymphs this week so there must be a biological drift of stones in progress as they search “greener pastures” downstream a bit.
Fish also seem keen on Frenchies which makes sense as we also see PMD’s hatches beginning for Spring.

Speaking of dries, PMD’s and BWO’s and a lot of small Caddis are hatching daily throughout the evening, and add some rusty spinners to the list for evening.
We are not far off from the early Drakes. The real hatch gets going in late May and June, but it is common to see a pre-hatch scenario earlier as the species protects itself by spreading the hatch out.

I think it’s going to be a great season on the Met! Redd counts by biologists this spring were really strong and I’ve heard rumblings of record numbers. That means there are more adult fish in the river than there has been in a very long time. I think the USFS Woody Debris project has created so much new and good habitat that it is increasing our fish population.

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