Cascade Lakes Report 6/14/17

I was on Hosmer today and also a few days ago and it is good fishing. I plan to go back again friday. Today the Callibaetis were hatching a little bit all day long, and for a while there were damsels on the water too. These damsels are tannish brown. I believe they are of the species Argia Vivida and the females are tan. It’s an interesting hatch and one we don’t see often but I have seen fish really slam adults struggling in the surface.

East Lake is still quite good (and should be until late fall!). Chironomids and terrestrials so far are the sweet ride up there. Fish seem to be in one to 10 feet of water and seldom are we finding them deeper.

Crane is good, a little on and off but the trend is good. Callibaetis, Chironomids and Leeches have been best.

Lava is decent. The spawn seems to be over which is great to get all the fish off the bank lines. Callibaetis are your best bet followed by a leech and chironomid.

I haven’t been to Davis yet, but I’ve heard about some huge trout on damsel nymphs and callibaetis. I know back about 10 days in the hot weather the bass fishing was darn good too with fish coming to poppers in the reeds. Should be good again next week for that.

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