Three Creeks Lake OPEN 6/14/17

Sunday we got a surprising report from a customer who walked in to 3 Creeks and had good fishing. Just to be sure, Jonathan and Thomas did it last night and sure enough it’s a short walk over the last of the snow and the fishing is pretty good.

You can’t drive all the way to the lake yet, and there is no way to launch a boat unless you can carry it to the lake, but wading or tubing is a great bet.

Midges are going to be your best flies for a little bit, but it won’t be long before the Callibaetis pop, the damsels are out, caddis get going and ants and beetles start coming out of the trees and blowing in to the lake. Everything has to happen fast in a short season at high elevation.
Leech patterns are always a good bet too, and I’d recommend a black or brown leech on a slow sinking line for sure.

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