Stay Cool my friend, fishing is great this summer.

IMG_3959On these hot summer days it is nice to stay out of your waders and go “wet”.

Perhaps nothing is more refreshing than hoping in the river in your wading boots while wearing shorts. In fact, it is not only refreshing, it is maybe even safer to keep you from overheating in some places where you might have some hiking involved.

Neoprene Guard Socks

With many days in the forecast up in the 90’s across the west this is a great $40 investment in happiness. No matter where you are fishing, from Central Oregon to Yellowstone, having a pair of Neoprene Guard Socks is a summer necessity.
Why do you need them? For starters without waders, the room your wader feet take up in your boots would make your wading boots sloppy and uncomfortable. So these neoprene socks keep your boots fitting perfectly.
Additionally, both the Simms ($39.95) or the Patagonia ($45) version has a built in gravel guard to keep your boots from filling up with gravel and sand. Which is nice. The Patagonia is a better fit for people with smaller calves, and the Simms is a better fit with a larger lower leg.

Sun Protection

It’s pretty important to keep your face and hands covered from direct mid day sun. I know when I am guiding all day and out in the sun at 6400 feet I like to wear a face mask, at least around my neck if not all the way up over my ears and chin.

We sell all the best masks from Buff, Patagonia, and Simms from $25 to $35 bucks.
We also like to keep you from too many visits to the Dermatologist and that’s why we have Patagonia gloves for $29 or Buff Gloves for $28.95.
We know everyone has Sunscreen and there a lot of options out there. I found 2 products I really like. The All Natural SPF 30 Fishpond Sunscreen protects my cheeks and nose on a daily basis and the Simms Lip Protection makes Tina still want to kiss me good night after being in the boat all day. Good stuff for $8.95 and $2.50 respectively.

The fishing is really good on the Lower Deschutes, Crooked. McKenzie, Santiam, Fall River, 3 Creeks Lake and East Lake. We love being out there and you will too if you use these products.

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