East Lake Fishing Report 7/31/17

My family has no idea who I am anymore, but the trout at East Lake sure do. 

We are seeing good Callibaetis spinner falls with some emerging Callibaetis mixed in in the morning.

Chironomids have been way better this last week. I’m finding nice fish in 16 to 19 feet mostly on red chironomids under a bobber.

Beetle fishing is still very productive in the afternoon.

There are better Callibaetis hatches happening in the evening.

We’ve had a tremendous amount of success wind drifting with a black leech, flashback pheasant tails, ice cream cones and emerging callibaetis nymphs. This week we’ve found more fish on an intermediate line but for most of the season a type 3 full sink has been the best. Of course it all hinges on where the food is and where the oxygen is best for the fish, and water temperatures at a certain depth so right now the intermediate line is finding that good zone!

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