Cold Water in the Crooked River + Good Fishing 8/1/17

Crooked River July 2017

Did you realize that even though the Crooked River is out in the desert, the water is very cold coming out of the reservoir and down the river. It is what makes the Crooked so special and keeps the trout and whitefish healthy in the summer when we get these hot spells.
Check out the family in the photo below. They enjoyed time on the water with our guides Ben and Adam yesterday and beat the heat by wading wet. Check out this article on the best way to approach wet wading.

We’ve had exceptional fishing on the Crooked lately. It’s a Euro Nymph paradise, and if that isn’t your think try a NZ Yarn Indicator with a couple of nymphs and a split shot and go for it. It’s all good.

Not much dry fly action until evening but when the sun fades and it gets a bit cooler expect to see PMD’s, BWO’s Mahogany Duns, Rusty Spinners and Caddis.

I recommend Hoppers too! It is uncommon, but in August over the years I have pulled fish from some really interesting places when fishing a hopper.


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