Lower Deschutes fishing report 8/15/17

I haven’t had a chance to be there but my guides Ben, Steve, Adam, Troy and Mary Ann have been a lot lately and all are reporting very good caddis hatches, mixed with some PMD and PED’s and the occasional Hopper take. It may be the best dry fly summer ever in the WS to TC area.

Nymph fishing with Girdle Bugs and Sparkle Pupa’s has been stellar. We are also getting a lot of trout on Jigs, 2 Bit Hookers and Micro Mayflies. A Wired Stone and a Rusty Magic Fly is a great combo in the riffles in the AM.

I’ve been watching water temps at WS and at the Mouth. The last couple of days the Mouth has been well under 70 and that is great news for the small steelhead run coming in. It appears the cold water release has begun…
In any event, the water is 2 or 3 degrees cooler and that is great, especially from Mack’s to the Mouth.

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