Three Creeks Lake Fire Update 8/19/17

The Forest Fire burning west of Sisters is moving in the direction of Forest Road 16, which is the road to Three Creeks Lake from Sisters. The homes on Forest Road 16 are under level 3 mandatory evacuation. The Fire has not hit that area but it is threatening the area and could easily jump there very quickly.
As of this morning, the road itself was open to access the lake from town. I am surprised by this honestly with the danger fire activity.

My advice would be to not go to 3 Creeks until we see what the fire is going to do.
It is a place with one road in and that would be a bummer to be stuck there if the fire got to the road and you were up at the lake and couldn’t get back down to Sisters. Wait and see what happens in the next 3 to 7 days before choosing 3 Creeks as a fishing destination.


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