Fall River fishing report 11/2/17

still seeing very good BWO hatches and midges in the afternoon. These are bringing fish up to the top for sure. Fish are loving cripples and emergers and comparaduns and we strongly suggest going to a 7x tippet.

we’ve been hitting some good fish on streamers too. they love to chase it and a lot of times if you are moving it right, they eat it! we’ve got some streamers that are smaller and just right for the Fall River.

nymphing is great. one thing is the fish are sipping them pretty softly, so a yarn indicator like the NZ wool stuff or the Loon tip toppers is recommended. 2 Bit Hooker and a Frenchie is our #1 combo. Micro Mayfly, Zebra Midge, Eggs, Mr Peacock are definitely good under the indicator too. BTW, you can czech nymph these too and use a sighter instead of an indicator.

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