Metolius fishing report 11/2/17

anglers, don’t forget the seasonal closure took effect on 10-31-17 so as of yesterday the river is closed a short distance from the Headwaters down through Camp Sherman to the Allingham Bridge. This is closed to protect spawning fish and has been a big help in creating the wild trout fishery the river has become since they stopped stocking in 1995.

From Allingham to Gorge the nymph action is good with BWO’s coming off about 2 PM right now.
In the late afternoon October Caddis are hatching, and while we prefer the pupa pattern every once in a while the fish will smack a big dry.

The Gorge to Candle Creek (below 99) is good and offers the best Bull Trout opportunity and good dry fly action mid day on BWO, Cinygmula, a few straggler PMD’s and Mahogany Duns. I expect after this cold front that is hitting us that cinygmula’s will be around for another week or so, and then just BWO’s for the rest of the winter mixed with Oct Caddis, Snow Sedge and Silver Stripe Sedge until March. Oh, and Midges although I rarely take fish on the surface with Midge patterns on the Metolius the Zebra Midge is a total go to pattern.

As we move into deep fall and winter fishing stonefly nymphs and eggs become staples along with caddis pupa and small mayfly nymphs. Some days a small nymph with pizzazz works way better than a more natural fly. An example of this is the Red Lightning Bug. Its a hot Metolius fly and has been for years.

Bull Trout fishing remains good most days. We’ve got some great (big) streamers for your success on these fish and can also make you a sweet custom cut sink tip if you need to get deep.

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