December 7 Winter Fishing Report and Outlook

I just got home from a week in DC which included some good fishing on the Rose River in VA. Lot’s of good fish (stocked rainbows mostly) on midges.
It made me really want to get out and fish at home again, and as I look at the weather forecast for the next 5 or 6 days and talk to my friends who’ve been on the Metolius, Fall and Crooked over the last few days I will say, December fishing is looking good.

So, first look at the highs the next 5 days beginning Friday 12/8/17. It goes 51, 52, 52, 52 and even to 54 next Tuesday. If that isn’t fishing weather for December what is? Jeez, we’d take that most of March and be happy!

The Metolius is fishing well from Allingham to Gorge mostly in nymphs, although a friend told me the fish were rising to BWO’s yesterday afternoon about 1 PM.
The standard winter nymphs like stoneflies, red lightning bugs, eggs, frenchie’s, zebra midges, mercury midges, cdc guide hares ear’s, and olive micro mayflies are the best bets.
Bull Trout fishing is still good with some very big fish coming to streamers down near the hatchery and 99.

Fall River is good. I fished there before the DC trip last week and had a blast on nymphs and for a short time on BWO cripples.
It’s been good at the hatchery, the tubes and the falls.

Crooked River is also good. Water temps are getting cold now so the fish are a little more lethargic but a well drifted nymph and correctly weighted leader is still very effective to put up some numbers.
In the morning before noon start with small black (#22-24) Midge larva patterns, but after noon add some frenchie’s, #18-20 black zebra’s, olive or brown micro may’s #18, eggs and keep an eye out for the hatch of either BWO’s or Midges from about 1 to 3.

The Lower D is another option now too, especially at Mecca or South Jct for Steelhead or Trout. I’ve been watching social media over the last several days and saw quite a few steelhead caught on the Deschutes in the last week.
Do watch the fog situation coming up the canyon from the Columbia though as we are in a classic weather pattern to get locked in with a cold fog down there.

Have fun and go fish!

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