A change to the forecast 12/9/17

A few days ago I wrote a fishing outlook that said we were headed for 50 to 54 degree days Friday thru next Tuesday.

That was the forecast on both Weather Channel’s website and our local NBC station.

Yesterday was cold and partly foggy depending on where you were in the basin. I think the high in Sisters was 26 and in Camp Sherman it just barely made it barely missed the freezing mark. Some guys from the shop went and while it was cold they got some fish on nymphs.

So, the newest forecast models now show temps in the low 30’s and mostly sunny conditions but I’ll tell you in this high pressure pattern we are in with the strong inversion layer that has formed foggy conditions could come and go very easily and that fog this time of year is quite frosty.

Just an FYI for you anglers headed our way so you know what to expect and how to dress warmly if you decide to hit the rivers.

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