Fishing Report Update for 1/23/18

We are seeing some weather here and there, but mostly it is good around here. Today the high right now is 48, and I think the forecast was a high in the 30’s. It’s been crazy. Still no snow at this level. None on the Metolius and none on the Fall.
So, it’s an easy winter to be out on the water and fishing is pretty good on the waters near us.
Right now it’s drizzling, tomorrow and thursday are colder in the 30’s with some snow flurries and by the weekend warming way up again to the 50’s.

Here’s what is up with our fishing:

Metolius– It’s been good for trout on BWO hatches mid afternoon and nymphs.
The afternoon hatch is coming about 12:30 to 2, maybe a little later depending on the day. Nymphs that imitate baetis are great from 10 am to the beginning of the hatch. We love Skinny Nelson’s and Micro Mayflies.
During the hatch a Purple Comparadun and a CDC Parachutes have the most legs. My friend Skip even got one on a #16 Royal Wulff a few days ago. Crazy. Love it.
The typical Golden Stone combo with a Blue Prince, Red Lighting Bug, BWO Nymphs, Snow Sedge Pupa, Serendipity, Egg’s and the trusty Zebra Midge.
I want to remind anglers that the Metolius is closed from the Headwaters to Allingham. We are seeing too many people fishing in the closed water. It is closed to protect spawning fish. Our future. Don’t mess with that please. Most people just don’t know where the closure is and it’s not on purpose, I get that. But we have a responsibility to be aware of what’s ok and what ins’t.

Crooked River– with the warmer days the afternoon midge hatch has been good from 2 or 3 until dusk. Griffiths Gnats and Midge Winklers are the ticket on 7x.
We are getting fish during the day on Zebra’s, Skinny Nelson, Micro May, Split Case, Frenchie, Ray Charles and Mighty Mite Baetis.

Fall River has as many fish in it this winter as I’ve seen in a very long time. Nice to see. BWO hatch mid afternoon is bringing fish to the top on Knock Down Duns.
Egg’s, 2 Bit Hooker’s, Skinny Nelson, Frenchie and Silver Lightning Bugs have been the best for nymphs. What I’ve found though is the fish are tough until the hatch and you have to be really persistent when nymphing. Trout are bastards sometimes. Ha.
Streamer action is also taking some fish, and Rufus patterns or sculpin patterns are getting fish. I love the chase. Streamer fishing is fun.

Lower Deschutes is open in the Maupin area and is worth fishing. It’s mostly a nymph show with a small possibility of fish rising to baetis or maybe midges in the eddies.
Stonefly Nymphs with a Lightning Bug, Worm, Green Rock Worm or Hares Ear as a dropper will be the mix you should fish.

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