Spring Break Fishing Report 3/24/18

It is Spring Break for kids and big kids all across our great state of Oregon. For those of you planning to do some fishing over the next week or two, we have good news for you.

Metolius is fishing well, with BWO and the first spring hatches of the beautiful yellow mayflies called cinygmula’s are out every afternoon between noon and 3. After the mayflies wrap it up in the late afternoon (and possibly also hatching in the late morning) you should see a lot of small brachycentrus caddis hatching. Usually the pupa is way more important than the adult, but an Olive X Caddis as a dry, and either an Olive Sparkle Pupa or Olive Stalcup’s Pupa.
The typical set up of a Golden Stone nymph with a Frenchie, Hares Ear, Micro Mayfly or Zebra Midge as a dropper has been productive all this week. Especially the Zebra.

Crooked River is excellent with very good BWO hatches and Midges. The water is low and there is pretty much no chance we’ll see any runoff issues from the dam this year.
Thread Midges and Zebra Midges in the morning, Frenchies, Skinny Nelson, Mighty Mite Baetis and Micro Mayflies. A Knock Down Dun, Klinkhammer, Film Critic and Parachute BWO are great when the fish are working the top.
Don’t forget your sighters, or your NZ Indicators for better nymphing success. And don’t forget your dry shake powder for keeping those dries floating between all the fish you’ll land.

Fall River is also quite good with tons of stocked rainbows in the system. There have been nice BWO hatches, with some midges mixed in on the top. We’ve been experiencing good fishing with French style leaders and Frenchie’s and Micro Mayflies when they aren’t rising.

Hearing good reports too from the Maupin area on the Lower Deschutes with good March Brown hatches bringing up fish most afternoons.
Besides the MB’s, Girdle Bugs, Lightning Bugs, PT’s, Euro Jigs and Sparkle Pupa’s are producing well in the riffles all day.

watching the weather, Sunday and Monday look cool, but by Wednesday and through next weekend it looks warm and nice. Go fish!

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