March 5th Fishing Update

It’s my 3rd day back from vacation, and 2 days ago I felt more qualified to tell you the report for Lakes and Rivers in Tasmania than here at home, but I have been catching up fast, talking to my guides and my good fishing friends and have some good things to report.

Had some friends on the Fall River Sunday and Monday and there are good BWO hatches about 1 PM, with some Midges and Black Winter Stones mixed in before and after the BWO’s.
7x is quite helpful in getting the fish to take your dry fly with confidence.
Under the surface, Frenchie’s, 2 Bit Hookers and Zebra Midges have been best.

Metolius has a much better BWO hatch going on, with most of the emergence happening between 12:30 and 2:30. After that you should see some caddis hatching, although we’d recommend a pupa or soft hackle over a dry, but be prepared with a X Caddis Brown #16, or Siddac.
Golden Stone Nymphs are working well, with an Egg or small Hares Ear #18 as a dropper. Also Possie Buggers, Red Copper John, Lightning Bug, 3 Dollar Dip and Zebra Midges.
Bull Trout are taking Red Ice Cream Cones and Big White Streamers.

Crooked River is fishing really well. The river level is low, running about 50 cfs as they try to store water up in the reservoir before irrigation season begins in Mid-April. So the water is low but easy access.
In the morning and late afternoon the fish are on tiny black midges, and in the afternoon there is already a good BWO hatch going. I expect that to get better and better as we move to mid and late March!
Scuds, Cased Caddis, Zebra Midges, Thread Larva, Ray Charles, Frenchie, Skinny Nelson and Micro Mayfly.

Good fishing on the Lower Deschutes in the Maupin area too. Lightning Bugs, PT’s, 2 Bit Hookers, Sparkle Pupa, 3 Dollar Dip and Stonefly Nymphs are getting some nice redsides down river. Worth the trip.

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