Cascade Lakes fishing report 4/20/18

Crane Prairie is going to be a good bet for opener on Sunday 4/22/18. The lake has been ice free for several weeks and I was up there today and there is no snow. All boat ramps should be open with the resort and the Quinn River ramps favorites for us. Leeches and Black Chironomids are good bets for early season, with dragonfly nymphs another excellent choice if you are fishing around the trees.

Hosmer is still mostly iced over as of today.

East is 90% iced over and Paulina is 99% iced over.

Not sure if they opened the road to Lava but both Lava and Little Lava are ice free and nearly all snow free on the banks and parking areas.

3 Creeks Lake is still snowed in and 99% iced over. I saw a little ice free zone near where the main creek flows in on the south west side, but it will be at least a month I’d guess before that is opened up at that elevation.

Davis is wide open. Already some reeds coming up. That’ll be good for Bass fishing in about a month. Some trout being caught but not a lot at this time. Leeches are the best bet for sure.

Wickiup will open Sunday 4/22 as well. It looked good when I scouted it today. I’d say anywhere from the Gull Point up to Sheeps Bridge will be good fly fishing along the shorelines and in the coves with leeches and chironomids.

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