Crooked River fishing report 4/20/18

water levels are coming up for summer irrigation demands but will not go higher or into that nasty run off level we get some springs as snow pack is low in the Ochocco’s. It’s been running 170 cfs +/- and normal summer flows are in the 250 cfs range, winter flows run from 50 to 90 cfs usually.

Afternoon hatches of BWO’s are really strong most days.
Some midges mixed in morning and later afternoons too.

Thread Midges, Zebra Midges, Frenchie’s, PT’s, Micro Mayflies, Skinny Nelson’s and Scuds are all great on the nymph side.
For dries go to the BD’s extended Body BWO, Knock Down Dun and Klinkhammer, Purple Comaparadun, Midge Winklers and Parachutes.

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