Cascade Lakes report 4/26/18

I was at Crane yesterday and it was awful. No fish for us. A friend got 2 fish all day. That made me jealous (Ha!). Troy, one of our guides was up there Monday and it was awesome on leeches. So I think what happened in just a few days is the weather just got hot and bright suddenly and in the last few days there was a MASSIVE midge hatch that I would guess has the trout quite full. I’d give Crane a few days to a week to turn and try it again.

The gate to Lava opened today. I had a friend who rode his bike past the gate with his tube yesterday and he sent me some photos of some really nice rainbows. I can’t wait to get up there. Leeches and Chironomids are the ticket.

Davis is good, with the bass turning on, and the trout bite better. The reeds are starting to come up which is good for the bass. I would expect to see spawning bass very soon.

Wickiup is a good bet for early season up to Sheeps Bridge from Gull Pt.
Leeches, Chironomids, Terrestrials, Sculpins are going to be your best bets for now until Callibaetis are coming out.

North and South Twin are good fishing, especially for you tubers and pontoon boat anglers. Easy access and little wind and plenty of trout coming to wooly bugger patterns on sinking lines.

As far as I know there is no access to Hosmer yet. I flew over it last friday and it was 70% frozen.

East Lake is not open yet.

3 Creeks Lake is not open yet.

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