Crooked River fishing report 4/26/18

The river is almost to full summer flow, running about 215 cfs today. Hard to say with a low snow pack if they plan to take it up to 240-280 eventually or if they plan to conserve water over the summer.
In any event it is in good condition and the river is fishing really well for trout and whitefish.
We had several calls this week with people freaking out that 200 is too high to fish. Hell no. That is a low flow for summer/irrigation season. So I am not sure where the misinformation is coming from but it’s good.

The massive BWO hatches are over, but there are still BWO’s hatching.
It won’t be long and the massive mothers day caddis hatches will be going strong. Maybe next week it will start? Maybe the week after.
We’ve been using zebra midges, micro mayflies, skinny nelson, frenchie and flashback PT cdc with 2 tungsten beads on a sighter system or with a NZ indicator rig on 6x fluoro.


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