Metolius River fishing report 4/26/18

The warmth has brought some changes to the river the last couple of days. A lot of caddis but fewer mayflies at the moment. I’d expect this weekend with the clouds and cooler weather coming the 1st PMD’s of the season to really start popping.
I heard from 2 friends today that were on the water there was nothing coming to the surface, but fish were feeding on nymphs near the bottom.
A lot of times when the weather finally gets hot and bright in spring it takes the fish a few days to adjust. One way to conquer it is to fish the evening. I remember a few years ago this exact thing happening and us going to Allingham for the evening and finding awesome hatches and plenty of risers. PMD’s. It pays to be prepared for the hatch at odd times when you might not always expect it. Usually this time of year, the PMD hatch is mid day, but really be prepared for them to be late if there is a sudden change to hot weather. The fish may surprise you!

Stonefly nymphs, October Caddis Pupa, Serendipity, Lightning Bug, Rainbow Warrior, Hares Ear, Micro Mayfly and Frenchie’s are all great nymphs and that is your best bet at the moment.

Of course big streamers for Bull Trout are a good bet now too. So go get ’em tiger.

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