Cascade Lakes report 6/20/18

East Lake

East Lake has been good for me this week and last week. One of the days I was up there was quite possibly the best callibaetis hatch day I’ve ever seen. We’ve also been getting fish on Red/Black and Olive/Red and Black/Gold Chironomids in about 16′ under an indicator. I haven’t seen any flying ants yet. Maybe not warm enough up at 6400 feet. But we’ve had some good beetle action along the banks. On breezy days fishing a Type 3 full sink with a Flashback PT, Black Bugger, and a tiny Red Thread Midge has been productive with a wind drift.

Hosmer Lake

Hosmer Lake has been good all thru the lakes and the channel. Good afternoon callibaetis hatches and good action with Balanced Damsels and Balanced Leeches under a bobber with a red chironomid or flashback PT as a dropper.

Crane Prairie Reservoir

Crane Prairie is good in the Deschutes Channel with Damsels and balanced leeches mostly, but a lot of days we are seeing good callibaetis hatches too. Of course the Chironomid under an indicator is a staple on Crane.

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