Cascade Lakes report 7/10/18

East Lake is good to very good. Expecting an East Wind the next 48 hours so that sucks. I moved my guide trips around to avoid it because I believe the East Wind is such a negative impact on the bite.
We’ve been seeing good callibaetis action all around the edges of the lake. Any side is good but I’m finding the best action from the Hot Springs down the east bank to the Cinder Hill corner. White Slide and East Lake CG areas have been strong too.
Good callibaetis nymph action under an indicator in 4 to 10 feet of water kind of any time of the day.
Seeing the most hatch activity around 11 AM to 1 PM. I haven’t been staying past 5, but I’ve heard in the evening about 7 or 8 it’s also good.
Chironomid action is on but not super strong. Be patient. July and August are great months for Chironomids. Look for them to be really good in 14 to 18′ of water.
We are getting plenty of Kokanee wind drifting on a type 3 with an Olive Flashback PT (no bead). They are chunky this year and fighting awesome.

Steve was at Lava Lake a couple of days ago and it was good. Callibaetis, Chironomids, Balanced Leeches, Hale Bopp Leech and Damsels are working up there.

Hosmer is good except for all the damn kayakers. Plenty of Callibaetis, some Big Traveling Sedges, Ants, Beetles, Damsels galore.
We are also catching fish static under an indicator with Balanced Leech, Balanced Damsel (HOT FLY!) and Red Chironomids.

I’m sorry I don’t have a current update for Crane. I haven’t been able to make it and haven’t had any friends going either.

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