Three Creeks Lake report 7/10/18

It’s been great up in the high country this week. Tons of Callibaetis hatches and the fish are loving the dry fly!
We’ve also had great fishing under an indicator with Callibaetis nymphs hanging 1 to 4 feet under yarn or corq.

Intermediate and Type 3 full sinking lines are picking up a fair number of fish trolling. The standard fare, Leeches, Prince, Chironomid (especially Red), PT’s. But try a Micky Finn down deep. The stocker bow’s like these and the Brookies love ’em.
We haven’t stocked a Micky Finn in years but just brought them back in for the lake.

Plenty of Damsels around too. I’d focus on the nymphs more than the adults.

Don’t forget your ants and beetles up there. And a Hippie Stomper which is certainly taken as a large beetle.

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