Cascade Lakes fishing report 7/20/18

East Lake was pretty hot this week, but all over the board on flies. Some days it’s callibaetis dries, and it can change from spinners, emergers or duns. Some days it can be all 3 which is great.
Winddrifting an intermediate line with 10′ of straight 5x tied to an Olive Flashback PT on the point and running a dropper of a Poxyback Callibaetis on the leader about 4 to 5 feet above the point fly. Also, both of those flies are great in shallow water stripping over the weed beds during the hatch.
This has been my best week of Chironomid fishing so far in 2018. I have often seen an uptick on the Chironomid action near and during August in years past. So this is consistent with what I’ve seen going on.
Ants have been good, as well as Beetles along the bank.
In the morning, we’ve been getting fish up on Midge Dries/Emergers.

Hosmer was a little off for us this week. Not bad, but not what it usually is.
What we are seeing is spotty callibaetis action mostly in the afternoon, good damsel action especially on nymphs, good black caddis in the evening, some traveling caddis  and Caenis mayflies at dark.
My Black Butte Callibaetis dry is a good searching fly as you move around the channel.

Crane was better this week, which was good to see. I had some friends and a co-worker up there and they were getting fish on Damsels, Balanced Leeches and Chironomids and caught some fat fish.

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