Cascade Lakes Fishing report 8/24/18

East Lake water temperatures have gone into the safe zone I’d guess permanently for the rest of the season. 64-65 ish has been pretty much the afternoon high.
When the wind is calm the callibaetis have been good at the West End of the lake and some by the Hot Springs. Not as many that i’ve seen on the East end…
Good wind drifting this week for us on Intermediate lines especially over the 16 to 22 foot depth on Wooly Buggers with a Flashback PT trailed.
Chironomids have been ok. I’ve struggled finding any consistency on patterns myself. For me its a different fly or combination of flies every day. If there has been one consistency or trend though its a red one on the bottom about a size 16 and an #18 olive one suspended on the dropper tag about 5 feet above the bottom.

Crane Prairie is way better. Water temps have cooled there to make me want to go back. Some friends have been there and the reports I hear makes me want to be there now!
Balanced Leeches, Chironomids and Red 2 Bit Hookers have all been good under an indicator, and leeches and damsel nymphs stripped on a hover or intermediate line.

Hosmer is picking up again too. It got awfully warm during the heat wave and we quit fishing it for a bit. Damsels and Callibaetis are good, with a fair number of black caddis out too. Parachute Ants are awesome.
Fishing under an indicator with Balanced Leeches and Balanced Damsel Nymphs and Red Chironomids has been good in the Upper Lake and the Channel.

I’ve heard some interesting and good reports from the SW end of Davis Lake. Callibaetis and Damsels and Leeches. Big Rainbows. Have also heard about some good Bass fishing near the Lava. Poppers and Big Leeches.

I’ve also heard good reports on Wickiup near the dam for Bass over the logs and for Big Trout and Whitefish in the Deschutes Arm.

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