Fall River fishing report 8/24/18

We’ve had better than average fishing on the Fall River with most of our catches coming on nymphs. Every afternoon you’ll see PMD’s, Caddis, Ants, Beetles, Hoppers, a few BWO’s as we are getting cooler days now.
On nymphs the Zebra Midges have been awesome this week! Euro Nymphs, Micro Mayflies, PT’s and Split Case Emergers are our picks.

Speaking of Zebra Midges, check out the fish our guide Danny got Mike into yesterday!


One thought on “Fall River fishing report 8/24/18

  1. It’s a great little river. I was floating a large dry fly (sorry cannot remember which) at dusk and landed an 18″ red-side. You can literally hear the fish sucking up the hatches on the water.

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