Metolius River fishing report 8/24/18

The Metolius is improving every day as we quickly slide in to September which is the month I’ve always considered to be the very best time to fish the river.
Right now there are a ton of Bull Trout coming up from the lake and lower river to spawn in the creeks. (remember the creeks are closed/off limits to any fishing to protect these special fish)
There are a good number of Golden Stones in pockets around the river all the way from the Headwaters to below Bridge 99.
The Upper River is where you’ll currently do best on Golden Stones. Also, in the upper river there are good PMD’s and Caddis.
In the Middle and Lower River you’ll find PMD’s, Ameletus (I like a #14 Purple Comparadun or Olive Haze), lots of caddis including massive hatches of yellow micro caddis, Blue Wing Olives in the evening, Rusty Spinners at dusk and the first of a massive  emergence of little olive stones that will really hit heavy the 1st two weeks of September.

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