Crooked River fishing report 11/17/18

We headed out to the Crooked 2 days ago and found a lot of fish looking up for an Olive Sparkle Dun and KD Dun.
My wife did best on dries and I did better on nymphs. My best combo was a Skinny Nelson with a Downey’s BWO dropper. 2 things that made a difference to me were 6.5x tippet and a tiny bit of Loon Deep Soft Weight between the flies. Way more fish to the net once I got the soft weight positioned and got the flies down.
In some of the areas (because the water is low, running 55 cfs +/-) I liked taking off the dropper and just fishing one fly. Better drifts and easier placement to get a drift between the weeds.

When we were leaving about 3:30 ish there were quite a few fish rising to midges.

Weather change coming with cloudy and wetter days ahead starting mid week. I think this is a great thing for the fishing coming up and would guess it will improve the catching.

Lastly, I saw zero evidence of whitefish spawning at this time. Maybe it’s done, or maybe its not started? Would love to hear your experiences out there the last few weeks looking at whitefish… Did you see spawners? Did you catch pregnant females? Males that spilled milt? The Whitey’s I caught this week showed no signs of any of that.

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