Fall River fishing report 2/15/19

There is a fair bit of snow on the banks making access a little more tricky, but it’s not a big deal for most people. I’d say the biggest issues are getting out of the river with the snow, and in some places the layer of pure ice under the snow. So be aware and stay safe.

The good news is the fishing remains pretty good. I’d say a lot of those big stockers are getting smarter. As they should. Since last fall a lot of them have been caught at least once.
Nymphing has been #1 and on many days there are hatches bringing fish up to the surface to feed.
It’s been mostly BWO’s but a good mix of tiny black midges and a few little black stones. Don’t ignore the stones or the midges, they can be the difference makers this time of year.
Bring 7x.

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