Metolius River fishing report 2/15/19

The mid afternoon BWO hatch this week has been strong. They love hatching in this weather and the fish were looking up hard the last 2 days. Besides BWO’s there are a fair number of little black stones too. I’d carry a few #16-18 Black Elk Caddis and trim the hackle off them for the next couple of weeks.
Speaking of caddis, there are good numbers of caddis most days, and while it is rare for the hatch to be strong enough with a dry fly working well, Pupa patterns are on the menu.

Nymph fishing has been very productive both Euro style and with an indicator and Stonefly Nymph where appropriate .

Bull Trout are still active and taking streamers well enough. I also love to move to Red Ice Cream Cones and Red Lightning Bugs for BT’s in Winter.

We had a bit of snow out on the river this week. The weather looks great for the next 4 days with the sun shining and snow beginning to melt some today. The roads are mostly plowed around the river, but remember they don’t plow beyond the hatchery so if you are going to attempt the Bridge 99 run, make sure you’re prepared with the right vehicle and tires and if there is doubt don’t do it until the snow goes away.

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