Metolius River fishing report 3/4/19

Holy smokes, we really got pounded with snow and bad weather for the last week or more. So, I have to say a few things here, first there have not been too many people out fishing because of the roads and the deep snow on the edges of the rivers. I am going to guess Camp Sherman got 40 inches, and now there is some settling and a little melting going on so it’s less but still a lot to deal with.
Lot’s of trees down on the roads and power lines last week. That is getting cleaned up and power has been restored to all areas as far as I know.
It was rough. It was like a months worth of snow we would get in December or january in like 3 or 4 days.
This week looks cold with some light snow, and next week according to Accuweather looks like a warm up to more normal March temperatures is going to begin.

So, I really do not have a report to share. I know the BWO’s like this weather and they are probably hatching and the fish are likely happily eating them.
I know before the storm there were good hatches of Little Black Stones, and now that things have calmed down I would imagine they are hatching well again, as are midges.
In mid to late March remember is the time we get the beautiful yellow cinygmula mayflies in the afternoons. So, that may be just a couple of weeks away?
March is a good caddis month, with fish responding to Pupa patterns of several species that hatch in the 3rd month.
Nymphing is going to be awesome especially with ESN nymphs, but of course with Golden Stones and Egg Patterns. Remember the river is closed above Allingham until late May to protect spawning rainbows (many are spawning right now), but eggs will be in the drift for several weeks now.

2 of the biggest problems you’ll encounter now is finding parking with all the snow, and safely entering and exiting the river with the depth of snow piled along the banks. Not impossible, just something to consider as you go out.

I’ll keep you posted on how things look as we warm up next week and hopefully find time to go out and fish after digging out driveways, the shop and clearing roofs at home and work. It’s been crazy but it was a much needed boost to our water supply.


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