Fall River fishing report 3/12/19

There is a lot of snow down in the south county area making the access to the river in a lot of places tough, but the hatchery is a for sure, and I heard someone walked into the falls down the road and had the place to himself but also really good fishing.

BWO’s are dominating the feed cycle both as nymphs and adults. Before the hatch a Skinny Nelson, 2 Bit Hooker, Micro Mayfly or Perdigon is going to be a really good match to the naturals. Once the hatch starts the Knock Down Dun, Sparkle Dun, Extended Body BDE and Klinkhammer Emergers are perfect when they are looking up.

There are a good number of midges hatching so your zebra midges and griffiths gnats are great, plus black century drive midges and midge winklers.

Also, keep an eye out for fish feeding on little black stonefly adults.

Eggs are a great nymph searcher now, but usually on most days a small tungsten perdigon is going to be better.

I’d guess in 7 to 14 days that a lot of the snow will be gone and access during the spring break time will be much, much better.

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