Metolius River fishing report 3/12/19

the snow is going away and settling, and melting pretty well. Still plenty of it out on the river but you’ll find access to be much easier than when I wrote the last report.
BWO hatches are strong and fish have been looking up to the mergers and duns, and definitely eating nymphs in the drift pre hatch.
Also look for some grey caddis (#12/14), Silver Stripe Sedge (#10/12) and a few big October Caddis all of which I’d choose a Pupa pattern to match over trying to match with a dry fly. Dry Fly = Maybe but Pupa = Yes! from the trouts point of view on the Met this time of year with the caddis hatches.

Some Rainbows are on the spawn. Keep an eye out for Redd’s and don’t wade there for sure, and don’t fish there for sure. Most of the spawning occurs in the closed section of river upstream of Allingham Bridge. Remember the upper river doesn’t open until late May to protect spawning fish. It’s critically important.
All that said, this is a good time to run an egg as a dropper nymph.

Golden Stone Nymphs are awesome right now.
I’d also highly recommend some Euro Jigs and Perdigons on a Euro Nymphing Leader rig.

Bull Trout fishing is so-so. If you know where to look you’ll find them but access to the best spots is tough because long hikes are tough through the bank side snow, and the drive to Bridge 99 is still not an option.

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