Fall River fishing report 3/22/19

Fall River is fishing well, but please do keep in mind the access to many of the places is still tough with the snow depths and access on any of the side roads.

Adam from the shop was there a couple of days ago and had excellent fishing on WD40’s and other BWO emergers. The hatch is good and should only get better. There are also some midges hatching, and little black stones. This time of year in some areas of the river you can get a really good march brown hatch mid afternoon.

Euro Nymphing is very good with small Perdigon’s especially. 2 Bit Hookers, Micro Mayflies and Rainbow Warriors are excellent ESN and traditional indicator methods.

I just spoke to a friend in Sunriver about an hour ago and was surprised to hear it was snowing down there again today. Not adding up to anything, but it’s 47 and raining in Sisters and down on the Metolius so interesting differenced in weather patterns just a short distance can make.

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