Metolius River Fishing Report 3/22/19

The next couple of cloudy rainy days should be sweet for mayfly hatches! BWO have been coming off strong, and we are seeing the beginning of the spring cinygmula hatch now.
There are some caddis coming off too, but not many fish coming after adults, so be prepared to hit them with the pupa’s as they drift to hatch in the afternoon to early evening hours.
You will see occasional crashing-slashing rises that come out of no where and those are usually trout coming to hit the egg laying October Caddis and Silver Stripe Sedges. A small Orange Stimulator or big Orange or Purple Elk Hair Caddis can be fun.

We’ve been catching most of our fish on Euro nymphs. Golden Stones, Eggs, Rainbow Warriors, Lightning Bugs and 2 Bit Hookers are all great nymphs for now too.

Danny that works here got a hell of a Bull Trout a few days ago on a big streamer. Next week ODFW and a bunch of volunteers will stock Chinook Fry, so that should get the BT’s pretty worked up to want to eat.

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