Middle Deschutes fishing report 3/22/19

The water is still high, and that makes most of the Middle D access points tough…tough to wade mainly.
Water temps are warming and the fish are getting more active. It is time to look for March Browns. It is early, but it is time.
Down towards Steelhead Falls the Skawla Hatch is on, mixed with some little black stones and some mayflies (BWO and MB’s).
I’d say the strategy for the middle until about April 10th when the water drops for irrigation season is going to be finding safe access, and streamer fishing the pools and runs with sink tips or nymphing the drop offs near the shore line. And while you are doing either of those techniques you’ll wait and hope for the fish to show up to eat one of the above mentioned hatches.
I would rate the Middle D as slow-fair with moments of possible glory. As soon as the canals come on in early to mid april it’s totally on.


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