Cascade Lakes fishing report 4/24/19

I heard some good reports from Crane Prairie and South Twin this week! Both places on Leeches (especially Balanced Leeches).
At Crane, bring a bug net for your face (Simms makes a great bug hat with a mesh netting face mask) or at least a Buff and some long sleeves and gloves to keep the tiny and very annoying and very prolific midges off of you.
Access and boat ramps are good over at Wickiup but I haven’t heard an actual fishing report from anyone yet….Same story at Davis Lake. Access is good, and launching a small boat (drift boat, pontoon, pram) at the Lava Camp Ground.
No access yet to the West side of Crane (Rock Creek, Quinn, Cultus), no access to Lava or Little Lava or Hosmer. I don’t know when that will happen? I’d guess another couple weeks?
No access to East or Paulina yet either. I’d guess sometime before Memorial Day so maybe a month from now?

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