East Lake 5/1/19

IMG_0207East Lake:
It’s going to be a while. According to a good source the road is clear up to the lake thanks to Deschutes County Road Dept, but the snow gate is closed and locked. The Lake is ice covered except for the Hot Springs at the moment. The real issue is the boat ramps and parking areas (and camp grounds) are covered in snow and they are going with only natural melting, meaning there is no plan to plow the ramps or parking areas.
This photo was taken 3 days ago and it appears to show at least 2 feet of snow based on the trees. The ice on the lake is getting mottled so it looks good for breaking up in warm weather and the next good wind.
I’m still guessing late May to be there on the water, probably just before Memorial Day Weekend.
See you there!

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