Metolius River fishing report 5/1/19

While hatches are consistent right now, the fish rising to them are not. That is very normal for this time of year, and the fact is, you could be the lucky one to be on the river, in the right place at the right time and get into a bunch of risers! It happens, but until mid-May expect that nymphing is going to be way more consistent than dries.

Hatches that are most prevalent are BWO’s and Cinygmulas, also a mix of small and medium sized caddis, some various and random stoneflies, and any day the 1st of PMD’s for the year.
Just thinking ahead, Green Drakes are about 2 to 3 1/2 weeks away from getting started. My birthday is May 14, and many times I’ve fished drakes on that day.

Water conditions are back to near normal on the river. The Gauge at the Lake is 1770, normal is about 1450 so things look really good.

We’ve been fishing a lot of golden stone nymphs, rainbow warrior, caddis pupa, micro mayflies, black zebra midges, a few eggs and san juan squirmey’s and of course our beloved euro nymph selection.

Bull Trout streamers are taking some sweet fish now too. It’s worth the effort.

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