Cascade Lakes report 5/7/19

I was on Crane a few days ago and besides millions of annoying midges in my face, fishing was good on Leeches on a Hover Line. Lots of rainbows in the 12 to 16″ range.
We also got some fish on Chironomids and that is a constant at CP all spring and summer.
I hope to get to Lava Lake soon as it just became accessible in the last few days.
Early season leeches and Chironomids, callibaetis nymphs and midge dries. Lava is one of my favorites in the early season.
North and South Twin continue to impress us this year. Ron from the shop had really good action on a water boatman at North over the weekend.

Still no access to East, Hosmer or 3 Creeks.

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