Crooked River fishing report 5/7/19

Hard to believe the water is still in the high 400’s, but the reservoir is 100% full and they are letting out about what is coming in. Makes sense.
The fishing is actually good, a little different than fishing it at normal summer flow which is about 250 cfs but it’s not bad wading and the fish are there and active.
You can indicator or Euro style the nymphs, mostly with small midges and micro mayfly patterns.
We are very close to the Mother’s Day Caddis hatch! Get ready for lot’s of Pupa’s and X Caddis tied to the line and lots of bugs on the water. We will let you know when it starts.
Right now you can pick up fish on Renegades and Parachute Adams just searching the top, and don’t forget how fun it is to swing a Rubber Legged Olive Wooly Bugger when the water is up a bit and you can actually do it without being hung up all the time in the rocks and weeds.

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