Crooked River fishing report 5/16/19

Good news on the Crooked in terms of water levels. Yesterday it was 270, this morning 260 and now it is 207 which is below normal summer flows. It looks great and I was nervous with the rain they might bump it up, but it is very fishable.
Our guides, especially Mary Ann and Adam have been out there a bunch and doing well.
It looks like the Mother’s Day Caddis is about to happen as the fish are really keyed on caddis pupa nymphs.
We’ve been getting fish on WD50, Micro Mayfly, Skinny Nelson, Sparkle Pupa, Perdigon’s, Soft Hackle, Scuds, Ray Charles and Zebra Midges.
On dries there haven’t been too much yet, of course caddis will explode soon. That said, Purple Haze, Renegade and Parachute Adams are getting fish.

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