Cascade Lakes update 5/16/19

Hosmer is accessible from the South today, and all the way around tomorrow. No report yet.
Road to East Lake is opening tomorrow. I am 99% sure the boat ramp at the resort is going to be open. I doubt EL CG ramp is free of snow, and not sure about Hot Springs or Cinder Hill?
Lava has been good on Chironomids under an indicator. Stripping leeches has resulted in a lot of chubs 🙁
Crane continues to be good, but with a lot of 12 inch rainbows making it to the net. Hope to see some bigger fish soon! Balanced Leeches have been king, but chironomids are solid and Hale Bopp Leech, Rufus or Wooly Bugger on a Hover line is also good.
North Twin Callibaetis hatch is ON! Good dry fly action.
South Twin has been good too, but more on Buggers and small Nymphs than on the dry so far.

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