Crooked River fishing report 7/20/19

jeez, there are still days with pretty high moss clumps in the flow, and it’s certainly possible to work around them by moving to other areas of the river, you may also be patient enough to fish through it and just accept the fact sometimes you have to clean your flies off.
Interesting results from the ODFW electroshocking survey completed in June. ODFW estimated the trout count was about 2500 trout per mile (above 8″) and about 7500 whitefish per mile. That is down from 3500 trout per mile in 2018 but consistent with the 10 year average of trout per mile.
Our FFP guides have been having good fishing out there Euro Nymphing, so it is definitely worth fishing. Staying late into the evening will increase your odds of getting fish on dries, although during the day try hoppers, ants, PMDs, Mahogany Duns, Renegades and small Royal Wulffs.

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