East Lake fishing report 7/20/19

we experienced slower fishing this week. Maybe the full moon? maybe the wind? speaking of wind, the Pacific NW saw a record strong jet stream over the top of washington and oregon this week for any recorded period from April thru October. the measured winds aloft in the jet stream smashed any previous records kept for summer at 240+ mph. that was more winter like than july like. So if you were on the lakes and thought it was windy, this might have played a role, and certainly the multiple low pressure systems parked over the NW made it so.
as of now, it appears we are in for steady high pressure trend, so hoping the wind calms a bit!
If you work hard you can get fish on callibaetis dries. dries can include cripples, emergers, duns and spent wing spinners. long (12-16′) leaders tapered to 6x fluorocarbon is the way to go. On that same leader you may also try callibaetis nymphs either under an indicator (small Corq or NZ wool for me depending on waves) or strip it over shallow weed beds near the shoreline .

Last week I never found “the one” Chironomid that they keyed on. We caught one fish on one, another fish on something different, and kept changing. Throat pump samples showed fish eating olive pupa #18-20, Callibaetis nymphs, amber scuds, black #16 pupa and one fish even had a small crayfish he spit up.

one of my friends Cliff, has been working hoppers and beetles with intensity and making that pay off. Cliff tries hard to work the dries and loves the terrestrial thing.

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