Cascade Lakes Report 7/30/19

We are spending a lot of time on several of the lakes. Last week Steve & I hit East and Crane Prairie on multiple days and Troy was on Hosmer and generally we found good to very good fishing on all days.
So here is a run down on what we are seeing:

Crane Prairie- the water temps at the surface are warming to the high 60’s and even low 70’s, but if you know where to look or get right on the bottom its in the 64-65 range. The throat pump samples are showing fish eating a lot of daphnia, chironomids and the occasional damsel, but one day we landed over 20 and the other day about 15 fish and they were 100% on balanced leeches.
I did talk to someone fishing large red ice cream cones with good success.

East Lake– Saturday was not quite a bust but the slowest day of the year for me so far. Early win the week it was good on Chironomids and Callibaetis nymphs and one morning was glorious with a Callibaetis hatch. It was on & off with the strength of the wind and maybe more so with the direction of the wind. Wind coming out of the east or south was slow for the bite.
We did find fish looking up to Beetles pretty well on a couple of the days. When in doubt, I believe you can usually find a beetle eater along the shore lines and drop off’s.

Hosmer- Damsel hatches are going very strong, with a balanced damsel under an indicator killing it, and damsel adults having their time to shine.
Callibaetis last week were an evening occurrence. That isn’t a shock with the heat we saw.
At dusk look for fish sipping on size 22 Trico’s (they are actually Caenis but look just like tricos). Chironomids and Zebra Midges and an Olive Ostrich Herl Callibaetis Nymphs has been good too.

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