East Lake fishing report 8/9/19

It was a funny week at East for me. Yesterday I had 2 in the boat that were good casters and we found enough fish up to dries all day to keep it fun. In the morning we were going with Callibaetis spinners, then moved to beetles, then to Callibaetis emerges and duns about 1:30 and back to beetles.
The day before was the 1st time in 9 years of guiding there I had someone get blanked. that is skunked with a capitol S.
It hurt my soul.
Casting is important, but usually there are so many things on the lake, like wind drifting and fishing under an indy that it doesn’t matter if you can’t cast a dry 40 or 50 feet to a spooky cruiser. But….bobber fishing has been slow for me the last 4 or 5 days I’ve been up and that is crazy in a way because I occasionally pump fish to see what they are eating and the fish are eating a lot of chironomids. And, there are rafts of spent shucks on the surface, so it is happening for the fish, but not for me or a couple of brothers I know and respect a ton for their excellent chironomid skill and knowledge. This is the fun part of the game. Figuring out the next thing.
BTW, plenty of scuds in the pump sample too ranging from Grey to Orange in about a size 14 to 18.
One fun thing to look for along the shore lines is damsel nymph migration and hovering adults. The fish are on both most days.

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