Lakes (Hosmer, East and Crane) 8/24/19

Lake fishing the Cascade and Newbury Crater area is good. Here is what we saw this week:

Hosmer was outstanding with Damsel activity both nymphs and adults. There is also a fairly strong callibaetis hatch and some mixed caddis action.
Fish are likely to be on Balanced Damsels, Red or Tan Chironomids, Zebra Midges, Water Boatman and Scuds at anytime.

East is on and off, but I’d say improving as water temps go back down with cooler nights. Callibaetis hatches are good, spinners in the morning, and duns in the afternoon and again in the evening.
Beetles, Ants and even hoppers are good along the edges.
Damsel nymphs over the shallow weed beds is exciting, and look for fish crushing adults around the weed beds.
This week was my best chironomid fishing in a few weeks. Nice to see. Red, Black with Silver and Chromie in #14-18 all produced fish in about 15-16 feet of water.

Crane is my favorite now. Lots of fish on Carey Specials on a Hover Line, and also on Rowley’s Balanced Baitfish under an indicator. We got a lot of fish on leeches both on hovers and intermediate lines and also under indicators. Seems like small black leeches are best, but we caught fish on olive and rust too.

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